About Us


Our vision is to inspire musicians to write great songs, great riffs, and just keep playing.

Our mission is to make cutting-edge guitar effects pedals for today’s musicians, designing and manufacturing them in the UK and selling them worldwide.

Set up by David Rainger in 2009, Rainger FX is a North West London-based guitar effects company, designing and building new kinds of effects pedals, and providing new sounds inspired by music around right now – with a totally distinctive visual style and use.

Pedals should sound great, be totally reliable, and be fun; we like LEDs a lot – and a visual representation of the sound (from a basic on/off indicator upwards) is very important.

And if the whole thing can be done simply – then that’s best of all.


I worked as an assistant engineer in a big recording studio in the 1980s, all the while playing guitar in various bands. In 1989 I started doing more and more recording – for my own projects and other people’s – and also started writing for various musicians magazines, reviewing effects pedals (and buying any that stood out) and other equipment.

For many years I wrote a monthly column where I interviewed guitar techs from big groups, finding out how top guitarists got their sound and what they were after. I also did a monthly survey of best selling gear, phoning round UK music shops, finding out what people liked.

For a while I’d been having pedals built from scratch or customised, and in the 2000s I started to make my own; just one-offs for my own personal use, but after a while realised other guitarists would be interested in using them too. So I made a bunch, and took them down to Denmark Street in London…

I’ve been playing rock music since the 1970s, but have always been into funk and electro too… And trying to push the envelope of guitar sounds.

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