Air Space Invader 2

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  • Guitar overdrive with unique synthy edge
  • The world's smallest analogue synth pedal
  • Hi/lo resonance filter
  • White noise hiss blending
  • Switchable to only overdrive
  • Custom-designed mini-pedal format, all sockets on top end panel!
  • Amazing for funk, techno-rock, acid, fusion, shoe gaze, electro, synth-pop, noise-based music…
  • A whole new approach to 'synth' effects pedals, in a Rainger FX mini-pedal
  • Keeps the underlying character and tone of your guitar
  • 'INCOMING' LED on the 'radar' display shows 'signal present'
  • True bypass footswitching

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This pedal is the new mini version of the Air Traffic Controller – but with a switchable filter. The overdrive circuit (not switchable) is from the – now discontinued – El Distorto, so this is actually a two-in-one pedal. With the filter on and some white noise blended in it gives a’ moogy-soloing’ hi-resonance funk sound, or a stinging and intense lead tone. Filter off gives our tweaked mid-rangey optimum fuzz (as loved by Billy Gibbons).

White noise hiss is a feature often ignored in ‘synth’ pedals, but it can add a great texture to the tone. Here it’s blendable; have none at all, just a clear zing – or crank it up towards electro percussion….

There’s also volume and drive controls, a ‘hi/lo’ resonance button, and an ‘incoming’ signal indicator. It’s powered by standard 9v PSU (centre earth) – not included.

This is actually the most flexible pedal from Rainger FX, covering guitar sounds that range from chunky and straightforward, or with a more electro edge, through to noise-based percussion guitar.

Can the overdrive be switched off to have just filter?

No, sorry.

Does this come with an Igor controller pad?

No, this pedal doesn’t use that facility.

Can the level of the white noise hiss be adjusted?

Yes – with the mix control, can have only white noise, or turn it down to just guitar.

Can you have filter on the white noise only?

No – the blend of guitar and white noise goes through the filter (or directly out of the pedal if the filter is off)

Can the pedal get a clean guitar sound?

Not quite. Turn the drive right down and it cleans up almost completely (but then try turning the guitar’s volume down….)

How does this pedal differ from the original Air Space Invader mini-pedal?

This one has no ‘attack’ switch, and no Igor facility, but the filter is switchable.