AIR SPACE INVADER (white noise autowah) mini-pedal

£109.00 inc. VAT

  • Guitar overdrive with unique synthy edge
  • Igor pressure pad controlled
  • Custom-designed mini-pedal format
  • Hi/lo resonance filter
  • White noise hiss blending
  • Amazing for funk, techno-rock, acid, fusion, shoe gaze, electro, synth-pop, noise-based music…
  • All sockets on top end panel! That means none on the sides!!!
  • A whole new approach to ‘synth’ effects pedals, in a Rainger FX mini-pedal
  • Keeps the underlying character and tone of your guitar
  • ‘INCOMING’ LED on the ‘radar’ display shows ‘signal present’
  • Totally silent between notes
  • Choice of attack profiles
  • Powered by 9v power supply (not included)
  • True bypass footswitching


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The Air Space Invader is the stripped-down version of the Air Traffic Controller. It mixes a Rainger FX optimum distortion circuit with a white noise ‘hiss’ generator, and sends the sound through a low pass filter.

The cut-off frequency of the filter is controlled by the envelope of what you play (the volume), and also by the Igor foot-controller.

This cute pedal gives sounds ranging from a biting edgy funk tone, to sheets of shoe-gazy distortion, ‘moog-y synth’ fusion styles, to TB303 acid filter opening/closing, hi-texture fuzz, electro percussion…

When you don’t play, the cut-off frequency drops – working as a noise gate; while there’s plenty of volume available, the Air Space Invader is a very quiet pedal.


The ‘VOL’ knob adjusts the output volume, ‘DRIVE’ does the amount of distortion, while ‘MIX’ controls the blend of guitar with white noise (going from only hiss to only guitar at the extremes).

The ‘ATTACK’ switch adds a slight rise-up to the filter at the start of a note, and ‘Q’ changes the resonance of the filter from low to high.


Originally the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz assistant, Igor is a small and light pressure-operated foot controller. It’s dual-sensitivity; just flip it over to change from a hard press to a soft press, and it can also be worked by hand. As it’s pressed, the range of the filter action rises to be at the highest level at maximum pressure.

Is it possible to adjust the ‘mix’ knob to have no white noise at all? Yes, or to have no guitar at all – only white noise.

If I turn down the ‘drive’ knob, does the envelope of the input signal stay unaffected as far as the filter is concerned? No, the filter opens up less as ‘drive’ is turned down. This leads to more interesting changes in filter response.

How can I adjust the opening and closing of the filter? Try turning your guitar’s volume up or down.

Can I switch off the distortion? No – but the ‘Distort’ control does go down towards clean.

Why the hell would I want to ADD noise to my sound – when I’ve spent so much time, money and effort trying to get rid of it??! Sometimes you have to do the ‘wrong thing’ to get to somewhere new. The white noise knob was one of the most fun aspects of old analogue synths. People overlook it when making ‘synth’ pedals for guitar. It adds texture.

Is it digital? The white noise is, but everything else (signal path etc) is analogue.

Is it actually white noise? Strictly speaking it’s not actually white noise – totally random frequencies, very very fast. It’s a totally random change of an ‘on/off’ voltage, which is then converted to be much more like random frequencies as well.



Do you ship internationally? Yes we do. Standard or trackable.

What are the PSU requirements? 9v DC, 200mA (centre earth, sleeve +9v)

What warranty do you give? 3 years. There shouldn’t be, but if there is a problem do get in touch.

How can I pay? Paypal or electronic transfer are the usual methods.

Do you do any stickers or T-shirts etc? Got stickers – just ask. T-shirts – coming soon.

Are Rainger FX pedals true bypass? Yes they all are.

How are your audioclips recorded? Usually with my Gibson SG, and – unless otherwise stated – always plugged straight into the one effect only and then into a mixing desk and onto a computer using Logic, no EQ or other tweaking.

Where are your pedals made? All are made in the UK.

Are you going to be re-making the old pedals like the Compactotron or the Minor Concussion any time soon? In one form of another…