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Bleep (& Igor controller)

£169.00 inc. VAT

  • Full-on, full range monster fuzz in a tiny package!
  • Dissolves into bleep madness when required
  • Has built-in modulation and noise gate
  • Includes new Igor mk2 controller – more expression-y, more durable
  • Bleep pitch and overtone pitch controllable via Igor
  • Kinetic LED display causes instant infatuation!
  • Bleep length/speed adjustable
  • Rainger FX custom mini-pedal housing – narrower than standard mini-pedals, all sockets on the top end panel!



The Bleep is the most fun, most out-there pedal in the Rainger FX line! It’s a compilation of various sounds from the range of Dwarf pedals recently discontinued, but in a more usable format. Using the same full-on fuzz circuit from the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz pedal, it has more low-end, the LFO speed is adjustable on-the-fly, and the chip-destablising ‘bleep’ facility is now accessible via a front panel knob.

The ‘overtone’ is controlled by knob, LFO, or Igor controller. With Igor plugged in, the Bleep is highly controllable while you’re actually playing – no huge-and-heavy expression pedal needed. The dual-sensitivity pressure pad in effect adjusts the ‘Overtone’ knob, or the LFO speed. The built-in noise gate is always in operation, ensuring the pedal is totally silent when there’s no signal; that means zero background hiss – at whatever volume you’re playing at.

The green-on-green LED display changes with every new phrase you play – or every bleep, graphically showing what’s going on in a truly mesmerising fashion.

This pedal covers a wide palette of sounds, from hard chunks of uncompromising fuzz, to edgy lead tones that are guaranteed to cut through a mix. The sustain can morph into robot alarm sounds, the signal degrading into rhythmical proto-synthy pulses, their pitch actually playable in real time. With the LFO on, the ‘overtone’ is automatically modulated to produce a slowly scything tonal movement – like an extreme phaser, and with the ‘Bleep/Fuzz’ knob and Igor pressed the speed ramps up, moving into psychotic chirping like some fiendish arcade game…


Igor is a pressure sensitive control pad – a small expression pedal 55mm wide with no moving parts. It’s dual sensitivity; use it shiny side up on a hard stage or standing up, and rubber side up in you’re sitting down or barefoot. Or use it by hand. If you’ve had enough of lugging around treadle-operated expression pedals, this will be a breath of fresh air!

Read more about the Bleep here

Is it possible to adjust the noise gate at all?

Only by altering your guitar volume; turning the guitar down has the effect of raising the noise gate threshold (giving less sustain). The gate is set by the component values, which are fixed to give the least amount of crackling when you’re not playing.

Can the amount of fuzz be turned down?

No – this is a full-on fuzz pedal, and works in a completely different way to the usual diode-based distortion circuits.

Can the pedal be used with a regular expression pedal?

Quite possibly – provided you have a mini-jack adaptor.

Can I use an Igor from my other Rainger FX pedals?

Yes – all Igors are interchangeable, though mk 2 Igors don’t work well with Echo-X pedals with serial numbers lower than 242

There’s lots of computer code in the pedal graphics… Is the Bleep a digital pedal?

It’s not actually, it’s analog. The ‘computer code’ graphics came about because of the bleepy robotic nature.

What is the current draw for this pedal?

About 63mA